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My childhood was spent in the countryside of Dorset. Always interested to record what I see on paper, drawing became my first passion and hobby; throughout education I have developed this interest by exploring new mediums and ideas.


Painting and Pyrography played a huge part in my Art A level, I had and always will have a particular fascination with portraiture. From A level I went onto studying an Art Foundation at The Arts University, Bournemouth; specialising in Illustration. From this I knew I wanted to learn new skills and use my illustration within digital contexts.


I continued in Bournemouth, doing a BA(Hons) Visual

Communication degree, this allowed me to incorporate my love for illustration with Graphic Design and Typography. Through

the degree, I have learnt Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects and Muse allowing me to apply my skills into different project contexts.


I have used Bookbinding, letterpress, editorial design and animation within the different projects; making me a well rounded designer with a love for everything creative.


In my spare time I sell my pyrography through a woodwork gallery which allows me to preserve my original passion for

fine art.


I love everything colourful and have a strong appreciation for the handmade. I see creativity as a form of expression that has a huge role in everything I do.

Tilia Holmes